About Us

Our Services

1. a complete database of all the factories and businesses in China.
2. Technical inspection during and after manufacture before shipping.
3. Shipping and air transport.
4. Customs clearance.
5. The internal transport.
6. Arrange to visit China for individuals, companies and businessmen.
7. Import for others and delivery in the warehouses of the customer.


years of experience

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Our advantages:

  1. Group of Egyptian joint Chinese researchers specializing in all business areas.
  2. Group of customs clearance of all he added 100-year sufferings of Egypt Arab ports.
  3. We have a branch in Cairo and three branches in China (Iowa - - Hong Kong).
  4. Partnership with the biggest inspection agencies in Asia for inspection and testing (ISO) - CIQ - FDA)
  5. The best prices for air and sea cargo.
  6. The talai translators two chinas.
  7. The Commission does not accept competition.